Brand Conceptualization, Creative Direction, Social Media Campaign Strategy, Brand Deck, Brand Strategy, Social Media Scheduling, Copywriting, Content Creation & Content Curation.


_MINDSHIFT is an initiative for the community of urban conscious creatives to expand their minds & enrich their personal growth journey through Art + Design, Style, Perspectives, Guides & Music on Instagram and workshops.


This project implemented a post a day strategy with monthly planning that was effective in brand awareness + personal growth inspiration. Content curation was a major emphasis on this account utilizing creative, conscious influencers and motivational quotes as the bulk of strategy.


This was part of a successful social media campaign that focused on brand development, community management + personal growth development. This project was a catalyst in my own personal growth journey and helped me through times when I needed extra encouragement and inspiration.


Social media campaign following brand guidelines & content strategy which includes: structured aesthetic, curated content, inspiring quotes, meaningful captions + more

_MINDSHIFT Instagram 1
_MINDSHIFT Instagram 2

Personal Growth Packet PDF

I developed a personal growth packet for a small table talk workshop at the end of every year. It is an intimate conversation amongst creative peers to open up & reflect their previous year, set intentions for the upcoming year and align their thoughts with their actions by setting SMART goals.

Mindshift Personal Growth Packet