You Are Already That Person…You Just Need to Put Yourself in That Place.

Backlog: October 9, 2017

We find ourselves in an environment we feel unqualified for, we get this feeling like we aren’t suppose to be there, we feel vulnerable and we question our self worth.

It’s like we’ve encountered a glitch in the system, somehow bypassed all the high-clearance security and are constantly on the watch for someone to catch us and call us out on our shit.

Here’s a video further explaining this psychological phenomenon:

For most of my life I felt like I didn’t deserve nice things. I aimed low with goals because I didn’t see myself achieving bigger than what I’ve already experienced. It’s this line of thinking that stunted my growth.

Here is my story:

Two years ago, my life was crumbling into pieces and I was a mess.

I was a 26 year old, who moved back with my parents because I felt lost in life. I was still processing my break up from an eight year relationship and I didn’t know who I was. I was too sad to work, I was failing my classes and I was living an unhealthy lifestyle of melancholy & illegal substances. I saw myself as a failure.

Finally making the decision to follow my own path, I knew I couldn’t run away from my problems. I contacted my ex, I did my best to make amends and fulfilled all the things I always wanted to do before moving out of state.

Fast forward 2 years later into the present day: I am on a path of personal growth, I am learning to love myself first and I am beginning to experience the fruits of my labor.

I am currently a Market Research Analyst for a small company, I am the Digital/Social Media Intern for a nonprofit organization, I self-published a poetry book and one step closer to finishing school.

After going through a moment of depression, adjusting to this rebirth, getting acquainted to a new environment and starting to figure out who I am in this era of my life, I take pride in myself and for these accomplishments because never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become those things.

What is probably one of the most absurd motivational stories I’ll ever tell is that, I was browsing on Tumblr and randomly came across a screenshot of a tweet by Pharrell Williams that changed my life:

I stopped scrolling, with my thumb mid swipe, I gazed up on the screen for a good five minutes. Allowing myself to take in one of the most inspiring things I’d ever read, I began to break down this sixty-three character tweet.

  • I am already that person — the person I envision at my end goal, I am already him. I don’t have to look elsewhere to validate my worth, I feel more confident in who I am knowing that all the attributes, characteristics and successes of who I aim to be is already inside of me.

  • My current struggle, my angst, this process — it’s allowing me to build up the perseverance, resiliency and the grit that is necessary for me to become that future version.

  • I just need to put myself in that place — I have what it takes. I am on the way there, I just have to keep going, take action and make decisions that align with my end goal…and I will get here.

So if you’re like me, not where you want to be but currently in the process, then I challenge you to face your own impostor syndrome.

Realize that you are already that person you are aiming to become.

Continue to create your reality by having a vision, tracking your progress with goals, don’t give up and most importantly enjoy the process.