We, The People of Colour

Image Source: Melanin Pantone by Glutenfreebae

Image Source: Melanin Pantone by Glutenfreebae

I lacked a lot of confidence throughout the first half of my life.  I was timid and a bit reserved.  Growing up as a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, my parents were experiencing their own share of culture shock.  My mom was always concerned about my whereabouts and was over protective of me because she felt like the world was a dangerous place.  It was difficult growing up and feeling like I didn't belong.  In order to adapt, I learned at a young age that I had to blend with the crowd and go unnoticed.

Christmas 1993.

Christmas 1993.

Sadly, I had to go through years of pain, self loathing, figuring & finding myself out and unlearning the limiting belief that my skin color or my orientation determines the type of person I am.  In fact, I believe it's those different attributes & characteristics I possess that help me be more confident and express myself more naturally.  Although living life as a POC & being part of the LGBTQ community has it's many challenges, it creates resilience and drive.

Recently, I've realized the magic brewing in the air.  We are living in a very interesting time. 

 We have found a solar system with seven earth size planets that have promise for habitability. Scientists have successfully grown baby lambs in artificial wombs.  We have a generation of people who do not conform to the gender binary & gender roles.  We have a celebrity business man as the POTUS.

Anything & everything is possible.  We have the ability and the freedom to be ourselves and be unapologetic about it.


Why is it important to be yourself as a person of color?

We are the generation living in an era when the media lacked representation for the minority.  We grew up watching movies and shows with people and faces we couldn't relate to and identify with.  Our parents have endured discrimination and struggled to ensure we are able to live the American dream. 

 Let's be that representation we wish we had.  We need more of you and your perspective.  There is too many copies & imitations going around now a days.  Take the time to find yourself, embrace your cultures and share that with the world.

I'd love to see more young people of culture pursuing their passions and taking action.  Let's do this together.  One step at a time.  We are all human after all.

It begins with being yourself. I swear it will be a beautiful thing.


** Here is a helpful guide to start your journey:

"What It Means to Just Be Yourself and 3 Ways to Do It"