The Curious Case of Jimmie Flora

"The self-explorer, whether he likes it or not, becomes the explorer of everything else." — Elias Canetti

explorer of things

I believe a part of the foundation of who we are is how we were raised.

 Growing up a military brat, I moved around more than the usual kid and these experiences shaped the foundation of my life.  

The makings of who I am influenced by the multitude of cultures, people and places I experienced as a child.

Every three-four years, it was relocating to new military base in another state with the opportunity to begin again. A reoccurring element that haunted me throughout my life.

Although I didn't look at my situation as a blessing back then, I grew to be grateful for these life experiences now.

From the Philippines, Alabama, Delaware, Japan, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Nevada to California, constantly relocating wasn't the smoothest transition. It took a chip on my emotional well being.


 I always felt lost and nothing felt like home.

I found myself taking pictures to capture moments and creating scrapbooks to encapsulate the memories from my youth.  Coping through the various emotions of my teenage years by getting lost in life and expressing my feelings by writing poetry.  Home started to feel like the edges of a photo or the sound of a familiar tune.

I grew to be resilient, determined and independent.

Moving around frequently taught me at young age that time is precious and to cherish these moments in the now; to be present as each moment unfolds.

Being a creative adult, I appreciate my nomadic upbringing for allowing me to find freedom in different forms of expression.

I see myself as a seeker of truth,

an explorer of all things.