How Tapping into the Power of Now Can Transform the Millennial

& suddenly he awoke in the midst of being awake,

he can feel the brisk air brush against his skin

the calm sound of palm trees in the wind

he is aware of his presence

in the very essence of

everything else.

digital reality

As Millennials, we've experienced this transition into the "interdimensional digital era."

Those days of elementary technological inventions are gone and we're left with the remnants of what seems like simpler times.

Do you remember the days when we weren't constantly bombarded with notifications on our phones?

When walking around our homes & talking on our landlines with 30 ft cords were the closest thing to a wireless phone?

Now we are over stimulated with phone calls, FaceTime, texts, emails & social media everywhere we go.

We've gained this 24/7 "need to know" mentality with what is going on with the world and we are losing ourselves in that infinite scroll down our feeds.

FOMO is real and it will only continue to perpetuate our lives if we don't bring ourselves back to our reality.

The troubling disconnect we have with ourselves & with others is because we are becoming too connected.  

We need to be conscious of how we're using these tools so it doesn't take over our lives. 

20+ years since Eckhart Tolle released his transformative book, "The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" and his core principles are even more paramount to this generation than it was before.


I recently was gifted this book by my boyfriend after returning from a 10 day Vipassana Meditation Retreat I attended during the New Year and it has impacted my life instantly.

We both finished the book within a week and have experienced the profound importance of being present in the now.  A shift in our realities occurred when we took a moment to pause, observe our presence and become conscious of our lives.

It has helped us connect with each other on a deeper spiritual level and has opened our access to understanding how emotional experiences are stored within our pain bodies which prevent us from moving forward in our lives to appreciating the impermanence in our daily lives to better cope with our anxieties about the future.

The power of now has allowed me to be more conscious of my thoughts, emotions & actions.


The key lesson learned from
the Power of Now:


Typically, we live our lives in a cocktail of fear, doubt, regret & anxiety.  Most of our lives we've been reactive to these emotions.

There is  an evolutionary theory that elaborates on how these emotions help our ancestors survive by sharpening their senses, reacting by expecting the worst out of every situation and helping them survive the unfavorable conditions of the untamed world.

Unfortunately, as human society evolved and developed into the modern world we live in today, we still hold onto these triggered emotions.

But instead of fearing for our lives from the likes of a wild tiger, we've transferred these feelings onto non-life threatening worries like: who's doing what on Instagram or an unhealthy obsession over netflix & youtube videos.

Social media creates this head game of missing out, inadequacy and comparing our lives with one another.

We have to remember that we have the ability to create the life we want by being present and conscious of our actions & choices we make today.

Eckhart Tolle emphasizes the philosophy that life is just a series of present moments unfolding.  That the present moment is all we really have.

Through meditations, breathing exercises and learning to go with the flow, we are learning to embrace life as it unfolds.

There's no place you're suppose to be except where you are right now.

"The Power of Now" is a wake up call for the Millennial,  It turns off the autopilot mode which we've been living our lives and in Tolle's approach, gently guides us back to our present moments.

So the next time you catch yourself unconsciously using social media, or opening up your phone and not knowing why,

take a deep breath, observe your physical surroundings, ground yourself, put that phone back in your pocket and smile.


You're not missing out on anything but your own presence.


It's not as intimidating as it seems and you can begin within, right now.


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