A Playlist for: Creating Flow

a playlist for: creating flow

A collection of instrumentals and tunes to keep your mind attentive and focused. A personal playlist to help with studying, getting work done and creating a state of flow.




Take this time to focus on your breath.

Inhale deeply with intention.

Visualize your lungs expanding like a balloon inflating.

Pause and appreciate the in betweens of your breathing.

Admire your own presence.

Feel the cool sensation released from your chest, this is your stress precipitating away into nothingness.

Feel the weight of any distractions leave your body as you exhale.

Blow out any lingering negative thought into the air.

Take a deep breath.

Picture the remaining distractions getting washed away from your mind.

Imagine your head being rinsed from a shower of light.

Feel that warmth.

Visualize your mental palette drying off: cleared and ready for the task at hand.

You feel refreshed and focused.

Your mind is now rewired.

You are attentive.

You are present.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Now repeat to yourself,

"I am ready."

Create your focus.

Create your flow.

- Jimmieflora