A Night in BOLD Fundraising Gala

 On November 29th, I attended & volunteered for A Night in Bold Fundraiser Gala celebrating one year in social justice storytelling for the nonprofit organization, Listen for a Change.

I have been blessed with such an impactful internship as the Digital/Social Media Marketer and Event Photographer.

 This position has caused a snowball effect with how I intentionally live my life and has been an influx of experience for me.  I am definitely learning a lot about my capacity to work/learn and the discipline it takes to work remotely.

Night in Bold Collage 1
Night in Bold Collage 3

Thai Chu, CEO/Founder of the Organization has been a remarkable mentor to me.  He is a multidimensional being juggling the role of Marketer, Mentor, Freelance Photographer, CEO & the list goes on!  He has trusted me with a lot of responsibility with Listen for a Change and he has helped me cultivate a better understanding on how to align my passions with my professional career choices.  I am very grateful and I will forever support his mission!

Night in Bold Collage 2

A Night in Bold Fundraiser Gala was such an empowering night.  The proceeds of the event will be donated to chosen organizations of the storytellers and the proceeds will help position the nonprofit organization for growth in the upcoming year.  With great feedback from event attendees & donated organizations, Listen for a Change has elevated the expectations. 

The success this year is rooted in sharing our mission statement with the community:

  • No powerpoints.  No scripts.  Just storytelling on a mission.
  • GIVE ACCESS: Storytelling galas are free and open to the public. Pay-as-you-wish donations go to organizations of each storytellers’ choosing.
  • GIVE VOICE: Storytellers represent voices often unheard. Storyhours are safe spaces where storytellers and attendees connect, heal, and share.
  • GIVE AWARENESS: We listen to powerful stories and promise to advocate for these issues by standing up to hate, ignorance, and misinformation.

Listen for a Change is on a path of expansion, from continuing our storytelling events in San Francisco, Oakland & NY, we will be having our first storytelling event in Los Angeles.

 This will increase our audience size significantly and in turn be able to give back to our communities in a larger scale.

While there is always more work to do, we are on the right path.  We are taking the necessary steps to establish this nonprofit organization for long-term growth and sustainability.  We are committed to building our audience and providing value for our community so that together we may all learn to listen for a change.

I am very proud to be a part of this movement and if you are interested in being part of the team, want to learn more about the organization or want to become a storyteller, click the image below.