My Moment for Memories Pt I


I have this fixation with time.  
I've been obsessed with the repetition of ticks that give a clock purpose, the way some memories seem to fade as each day passes.  How we find ourselves stuck, living in time loops: unconscious of our behaviors & actions.

repeating motions, repeating mistakes.

Afraid to move forward.  Paralyzed by our own doing.


I've grown to understand that change is inevitable, that life, like everything else, is a series of moments unfolding in the infinite illusion called time.

& when change occurs, sometimes the best thing is to accept it and stop resisting.

Let go, let God and just ride the wave.

Create your own pace.


This personal visual series is dedicated to those moments capturing the timeless, a visual diary of some photographs I've taken through the years.

Reminiscent of analog photography and the blurring between early mornings & late nights.

Some memories we'll forget like faint whispers heard in the wind

& then there are the memories
that will never fade.