2,920 Days of You

I'm haunted by these thoughts of you everywhere I go,
This eerie silence echoes the broken pieces of my soul,
For I have died a thousand times by multiples of four,
Not once have I gone a day without wishing I wasn't scorned.

The remedy is so cynical, so simple yet I will not-
be a victim of my circumstance but I'm certain that I must not.

The ghosts of you just linger in the most obvious of places
like my heart,
my home,
the clothes I wear,
the music in my playlists.

My days are melancholic and my nights are filled with disarray,
I grieve for the death of us, I have to accept what was best for us.
I understand that  it will never be the same.

So long, farewell, I know now that you are finally free.
I still mourn for the loss of us.
Rest In Peace.