"Paraiso” (2022)

 *from the photo series ‘an american dream / panaginip ng amerika’ — exploring the psyche, the echoes of immigration and what it means to be seen in relation with ethnic identity and in relation to the land we occupy/reside on.

From Palestine to the Philippines
— we need to end the U$ War Machine


‘Monochrome Explored’ Group Exhibition, Juried by Tess Thackara

Site:Brooklyn Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the current practice of contemporary artists. We are taking Site:Brooklyn online and on the road, with a new series of interactive exhibitions. Our goal remains the same, to connect artists with an expert and diverse set of jurors through the open call format. Our new program focuses on online open call exhibitions, selected by a cast of new jurors, solo artist features, and spotlights. As safety and regulations permit, we aim to host a number of exhibitions around the country. 

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‘We Plant Our Feet in the Sky’ Group Exhibition

February 2 – February 23, 2024
Opening Reception & Performances: February 2, 6-8 pm
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"Phosphene” (2024)

A wallet sized portrait of an anonymous figure covered in jewelry & tattoos shields their face against a projector image of a butterfly — collaged on top of a neon landscape of Southern Nevada. Phosphene is a phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without any light actually entering the retina. 

📍Phosphene” is on view January 12 until February 20 at @mercury20gallery for “METAMORPHOSIS” a group exhibition in Oakland, CA curated by Elena Gross — 44 artworks from 40 artists working in a wide range of media that address the theme of metamorphosis.

‘Metamorphosis’ Group Exhibition

January 12 – February 10, 2024
Artists’ Reception: January 13, 3 – 5 pm

Oakland Art Murmur /First Friday: February 2, 5–9 pm 

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“an american dream / panaginip ng amerika” (2023)

CCA Celebratory Opening Reception | April 19, 2023
Spring 2023 Fine Art Senior Exhibition
SOMARTS Cultural Center

“Binakol pattern printed on Lily Leaf” (2023) 2”x3.5”

*traditionally, the Binakol is a ceremonial cloth used for protection.

Binakol fabric is indigenous to the Ilokanos and Itneg communities of Ilocos and the Cordillera region of the Philippines.  It is typically woven in two colours forming geometric patterns of squares and rectangles giving an optical illusion that is said to create a dizdying effect to confuse & drive away evil spirits.

“What Does It Mean To Be Free For The Filipino Today?”


125 years of decolonization & we’re paving a hopeful future of kapwa amongst the diasporas
Read full article at balaykreative.com


“Pagkakatanda / As I Recollect the Past” (2022)

Pulling inspiration from the 1962 French science fiction film, La Jetée directed by Chris Marker, Jy Jimmie Gabiola tells a story of personal revolution centered around his Filipino family’s immigration journey through a future ancestral technology that re:actualizes & brings to life memories via family archives, abstract imagery and personal photos.

Contemplating on the concept of parallel universes & time travel, Gabiola channels the psyche of an older version of himself from the year 2044 trailing across different points of time in reflection of his family’s experiences before/after immigrating to America from his Motherland – Philippines.

His use of abstraction is his way of confronting the latency & complexities of being an American immigrant.  Questioning the echoes of immigration, he captures these fragmented memories through glitches, dragged scans, constructed dreamscape scenes and layered images.  Vibrant reds are a metaphor for compassion while nature becomes a conduit for home.  The layered scans of family photos mimic the obstruction of memory, as if the stutters of duplicated images create a sense of stacked confusion surrounding the past.

“Natura.” (2022) 8x10 Collage

*weaving images of a humming bird & hibiscus flora from found travel magazines, a metaphor for camouflaging the self within cultural & ethnic identities.


“Exploring the Color Green” (2021)

At its core, “Identity”, “Joy within the Journey” & “Migration” is the theme throughout this poetic exploration of the color Green.
"He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination." - Jose Rizal, Filipino National Hero, Activist, Poet

“The Rebirth of Venus” (2021)

*self-portrait on fujifilm hybrid instax camera.